People Are On A Buying FRENZY For These Two Products.


From being seen on Instagram, to Snapchat, to Facebook and perhaps even MySpace! These two products have been taking the social media world by surprise. From it, they've created a massive buying FRENZY that you can actually benefit from today. Without further adieu, here are the two products: 


# 1 - Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste


Yes, believe it or not but this little guy has been killing it! When it comes to keeping your teeth looking FRESH (literally like you went to a dentist for a cleaning) this product has been getting AMAZING results worldwide! The secret is the activated charcoal it contains which acts like a magnet to the toxins that are lingering on your teeth and in your mouth.

A downside is that, while you use it, you'll have a mouth full of black paste... kinda nasty. But honestly. Who'll be watching?!

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This is the second product that's really been creating a BUZZ lately. Why? Well, its just like a regular face mask that requires you to leave it on for around 20 minutes, but rather than washing it off you need peel it off. Although some discomfort while peeling the mask off, people have been getting GREAT results removing blackheads along with dead skin cells while using this product.

As mentioned above, we've recently managed to source a supplier that's overstocked this item. And due to them being over stocked they offered us a great deal we want pass on to you today. Enjoy! 

Price: $29.95 
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