Could This Be Our FUTURE Lighter?

Hey, remember those badass plasma balls? The ones that sent purple plasma rays that followed your fingers. (No idea what I'm talking about? Click Here) Now, imagine taking the awesomeness of those plasma balls and packing them into a slightly sexier Zippo. Well, ladies, gentlemen & fellow stoners... say hi to our future lighter the Plasma Lighter.

It's an all-electric, eco-friendly lighter that works through plasma infused technology. When activated, plasma rays are transferred diagonally across the lighters elements creating a central X which produces heat upwards of 900°F (420°C). Meaning it gets hot as f*ck and you'll be lighting up your bowl with ease! Also, if by chance you get super stoned and play with your lighter until the battery dies... just hook it up via micro USB and your good to go! Oh, and by the way... it's WINDPROOF! So no more struggling to light joints in the wind! 

This product is the latest addition to our shop and it's so f*cking cool, we want to offer it to YOU 30% off the listed price. This offer is for a limited time only and targeted towards fellow WEED smokers (I'm not a so much of a cigarette fan). Order soon because remember... it's also 4/20 is pretty damn soon!

 Get Your Plasma Lighter 30% Off!


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